What is WhatsApp API Marketing?

It is a chatbot run by artificial intelligence technology that is programmed to provide responses to business customers with a reference to a flow chart.

The bot asks the customer questions that need to be replied to fetch the customer interest and send product details.

you can list your products and services as you need and create a custom reply for each service.

The bot would create a chat with the client to know more about his interest through clear questions. If interested you can program the bot to send any content and media to your customer.


WhatsApp API Marketing Chatbot Features


A flowchart that offers all the services for each department in your business.


There will be an admin account plus 4 user accounts that the bot would automatically transfer the interested customers’ data to them.

Broadcast Message

Starts from 10,000 broadcast messages monthly and can be upgradable to 100,000 messages per month.


You will have access to a dashboard through an admin account that demonstrates detailed analytics for your customers and users.


You can track your lead source through the system; Facebook or google for example also, you can track which Facebook ad is the lead source.

Mobile Application

There will be a mobile application that will allow you to access all the system features.

 WhatsApp API Marketing bot Pattern


WhatsApp API Marketing The Process

Upon agreement we start the process of creating your customized chatbot.

What do we need?
We ask for a brief description of your offered services that will be displayed by the chatbot, your project details and any media you can provide.

After receiving the data, we start creating the flowchart and preview the first checkpoint after one week.

The next step is to write the content and make a second checkpoint.

The final step is the testing phase.

The whole process takes 3 weeks maximum.

We offer you free support for the first 6 months.

Terms & Conditions

This quotation is valid for just 15 days since the mentioned creation date.

The price changes upon the change in USD price.

MG Digital
will not proceed in any task until approval of this quotation and terms & conditions.

MG Digital
requires 100% of monthly ads budget in advance that would be paid to third parties (Facebook, Google, Linked in ... .etc) upon approval of this quotation, or access to a visa card or MasterCard with credit that covers the ads monthly budget agreed upon.

In case of agreeing upon that MG Digital would use its own credit card to run and pay the ads the ads cost would be collected weekly with an added management fees of 15%.

Agency monthly fees are 100 % paid at the end of the month either by cash, cheque or a bank transfer.

Third party invoices would be handed to clients on a monthly basis.

Regarding WhatsApp Chatbot service 50% down payment is required before starting the process.

Graphic design and creative content creation quotations require 30% advanced payment of the total agreed upon price, Deposits are non-refundable. If project scope changes or additional items are added, a revised quotation will be provided for client(s) signature.

MG Digital is the sole owner of all graphic design elements designed, if used without remitting payment for any and all design elements, MG Digital has the right to terminate all projects immediately. If artwork is not removed immediately, legal actions will be taken as this is considered stolen property. MG Digital has the right to add and display all design elements created by MG Digital to our website and/or social media platforms.

MG Digital has the right to not release high-resolution files if payment is not fulfilled 100%.

Client has the right to ask for performance reports anytime and it would be handed after 24 hours from request.

In Case of cancellation the 50% are non-refundable.

In case of termination the agency has to be informed 15 days before the termination date.

Skyrocket your sales with WhatsApp Bot Marketing 


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